Jackson Ranch for Dogs offers a safe kennel-free home environment. We specialize in long-term, kennel-free boarding.

  • Two acres of maintained fields
  • Six foot no-climb fencing
  • Three separate yards where compatible dogs play
  • Meticulous attention to cleanliness
  • Rural, “home away from home” atmosphere
  • We happily accommodate special diets, medications and vitamins

JR Boarding Questionnaire

Download the questionnaire below (word document), fill it out and email it back to us!

Download – Jackson Ranch Boarding Questionnaire

Jackson Ranch for Dogs offers unique, home-away-from-home boarding for well-socialized, friendly dogs. Our guests receive an abundance of individual attention, exercise and socialization. We feature two acres, securely fenced and cross-fenced to create five separate yards. Small groups of compatible dogs play or lounge on green grass throughout the day.


We only accept spayed or neutered adult dogs. Puppies are not required to be neutered.

Sleeping Arrangements

Our “Guest Room” is climate controlled and attached to our living room. All guests are assigned their own dens during their visits to Jackson Ranch. We provide crates or exercise pens with comfy bedding, individual water bowls, and chew-toys. Because each dog has a place to call his own, he/she can relax, free from disputes over food or prized possessions.


We feed twice a day, your diet or ours. If your dog is accustomed to eating free-choice (food always available), we recommend habituating him/her to a two-meals-a-day schedule before boarding.

Pre-board Daycare

Prior to boarding, we invite your dog to spend the day with us to become accustomed with our routine and to ensure he/she will be happy staying with us. The charge for pre-board daycare is $25. We’ll give you a brief tour and if you like what you see, your best friend will stay with us for a day of play or relaxation.

Payment Policies

We require payment of boarding services prior to or on the day of arrival. If you wish to pick up your dog(s) earlier than your scheduled appointment, we ask that you give us 24 hours notice so we can adjust our schedule accordingly. We will not be able to issue refunds for early departures.