Innovative, knowledgeable, and compassionate. These three words hardly do justice when describing Carla Jackson and Jackson Ranch for Dogs. I had been told by three other dog trainers that my beloved, highly intelligent, and driven German Shepherd, George, was “just a bad dog. He’ll never learn to submit to you.” I just didn’t believe that could be true. I saw the love and desire to learn in George’s eyes. Then I found Carla Jackson! Even after I told her of the myriad problems that I was having with George and what previous advice I’d been given, she showed up at my front door. She was professional and ready to go! Within five minutes of being in my home, she had George calm and in a sit stay! She told me to throw away my prong collar and that if I was willing to work hard, she had a training plan for George. Six months later, George was able to go out in public without growling at people, he walked calmly (well, 98% of the time) on a leash and we had formed a bond and working relationship. George was also able to play nicely with other dogs and gained confidence that the world wasn’t such a scary place! Thank you Carla and the staff at Jackson Ranch for Dogs! In addition to helping me with my “problem child” she helped me train my sweet pug, Lucy to become a registered therapy dog. So, whether you need intense training/re-training or specialized training, Carla will help you achieve your goals. Your dog will be happy and well cared for at Jackson Ranch for Dogs!Maria Chamberlin, Redding CA
“Over the past five years, my dog Luke has stayed at Jackson Ranch for Dogs for month-long periods at a time while I travel for business. I am totally comfortable and Luke is always in great spirits!” Dr. Charles Springfield
“Carla Jackson and the Jackson Ranch for Dogs provide a home environment with a high level of care. Carla’s innovative approach to training has made a tremendous improvement in my own dog and I am pleased to refer my clients to her.”Dr. Susan Broaddus, Gateway Animal Hospital, Anderson, CA
“I was so happy to find Jackson Ranch for Dogs when I needed long-term care for my West Highland terrier, Fuiggi. He was there for two years. I felt comfortable and he was happy”.Andy Sheehan, San Francisco